Online School Booking Management System- Events & Facilities

Struggling for crowds...

Bookating can help with an easy to use system


online School booking Management  system

Bookating is a event & facilities booking management system which is great for schools, designed to manage the ticketing of events in schools or if you want to rent out facilities for functions or meetings, bookating can help. It is a paperless, automated e-ticketing management system which can be used by parents and staff.

With not only the event part of the system, the facilities side of the system has the capacity to make money for the school by careful management of the events and options. If you want to run a internal or external events this service could generate an income for you!

Why Bookating

> 24/7 Access to Bookings

> Simple System

>Maximise usage of facilities for additional revenue stream

> Save Management time

Bookating School Event Management

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